Thursday, October 8, 2015

9th Egham Jam – Show and Tell Competition – Prizes donated by RasP.IO

With the Egham Jam on this Sunday ( it's lovely to be see the prizes are still coming in.

This time from RasP,IO who product a number of really useful and practical accessories for the Raspberry Pi.

RasP.IO Breakout / 40 pin portsplus2/26 pin ports

The Ports boards are 26 and 40 pin versions so perfect fit for both types of Raspberry Pi.

The Breakout gives you easier access to the GPIO pins and allows you to use male/male jumper wires just like Arduino, so ideal if you're like me and have a load of these already and very few male/female jumper wires. It also gives the same labeling as per the original RasP.IO ports boards. The current model available is the 26 pin version which will fit on the 40 pin B+/2.

In addition RasP.IO ran a Kickstarter for their gpioruler for the B+/2 40 pin Raspberry Pi. I supported the 4 ruler pledge and will be providing one for each prize pack.

GPIO Ruler

+Alex Eames the man behind RasP.IO has also done some fantastic videos on the Raspberry Pi that you see at

Here's looking forward to a fantastic event.
See previous posts for other prizes for Sunday.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

9th Egham Jam – Show and Tell Competition – Prizes donated by Innovation in Education

The good news keeps in coming

Yesterday another pack of prizes arrived in the post for the next Egham Raspberry Jam Show and Tell Competition. to register to attend and if you wish to have a chance of winning the prizes to bring along your Project to Show off.

Two (2) PiTrol kits from Innovation in Education were waiting fro me.
These are great kits as they allow you to build your own game controller with the instructions giving step by step details on how to solder it and then a snake game is also provided that works with the controller directly.

Kit of parts
Finished PiTrol

Nevil Hunt is the lead person at Innovation in Education and I have had the pleasure of meeting him at a few Egham Jams where he has come along with the PiTrol, 7 Segments of Pi and PiDapter (link from PiTrol site)

7 Segments of Pi is another simple idea that really captures the imagination. As the name states it is a large 7 segment display and button that you solder from a kit and then code is provided to play a game  

The PiDaptor allows you to connect 2 PiTrols to the one Raspberry Pi.

Each of these kits is great for learning to solder and with the provided code gives the owner the ability to understand how to read inputs from the GPIO pins and use it to play games.  Who doesn't want to play games on their Raspberry Pi.

In the case of The PiTrol prize once it has been soldered up I'd expect it would be possible to then get the controller to work with the many game emulators out there and possibly with the excellent RetroPi emulation system.

The Prize Pool is getting bigger and I'm still hoping to add a few more before the event.

Friday, August 14, 2015

9th Egham Jam – Show and Tell Competition – Prizes donated by Pimoroni

I really love the postal service as today another package arrived with prizes for the Show and Tell competition at the next Egham Jam on the 11th October.

This time from wonderful people at Pimoroni.
If you've been around the Raspberry Pi world for any amount of time the Pimoroni name will have popped up on your radar.

Assuming my facts are correct they are responsible for
Raspberry Pi Logo - yes that one.
Pibow Rainbow Case and now in many other colour variations
Unicorn Hat RGB LED matrix
Picade - Complete kit to make your own mini arcade machine

They also support the Picademy work and are very active in supporting the community and provide detailed tutorials.

Specifically for the Show and Tell Competition they have provided 2 'Kit for the Book' sets

Kit for Adventures in Raspberry Pi by Carrie Anne Philbin (Book Link)
Kit for Adventures in Minecraft by David Whale and Martin O'Hanlon (Book Link)

Along with an Explorer Hat Pro and Explorer Hat Pro Parts Kit  for more fun making and lovely stickers. My favourite is 'I broke it better'

So if you have these books are considering getting them these kits include all the components and parts you need to make full use of the electronics based projects that are provided in the books.

With the Eben Upton signed cases from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Deluxe Snap Rovers from Cyntech and now the Pimoroni  prizes the Prize Pool for the Competition is growing rapidly.

If you wish to enter the competition just have a project to show at the next Egham Jam on the 11th of October.  To attend (either showing or just visiting) please register on the Eventbrite page.